Led Zeppelin 1984 The Hermit Zoso Shirt
Led Zeppelin 1984 The Hermit Zoso Shirt

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Led Zeppelin 1984 The Hermit Zoso Shirt

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Very rarely a shirt will come through the store that just blows my mind, whether it be because the graphic, historic value or wear over the years, and this 1984 Led Zeppelin shirt is definitely one of those pieces. The shirt features a simple yet incredibly iconic graphic and is printed on a beautiful single stitch 80s Hanes blank that has aged like a fine wine over the years. It has the most amazing fade, fit and is perfectly soft. Not only has it aged great but it also has been incredibly looked after with no real flaws or defects besides a small pin hole on the back and a small 1cm mark on the front which isn't noticeable. This shirt is a true one of a kind piece and would be an amazing addition to any collection.

Please refer to measurements below for an accurate fit

Measurements:  Chest: 22.5 inches

                            Length: 28 inches

Tag:                     Hanes


                            100% Cotton